Preparing for an audition

Auditions – some people love them, others hate them – but whichever way you look at it they’re an essential part of being an actor. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been acting for years or you’re just starting out, if you can approach the audition in the right way you can get the part – and hopefully enjoy the process!

Here are my top five tips on preparing for an audition:

  1. Turn up on time It might sound really obvious, but sometimes you could be so caught up in what you’re about to do that you forget to check how long it will take you to reach the venue, where to park, or whether public transport can drop you close by. Be prepared so you can focus on the audition itself!
  2. Know the topic Do what you can to find out about the role beforehand, and research it if you can. Some roles you’ll be reading blind, but if you’re aware of the subject make sure you know the storyline and the context of the character.
  3. Be yourself Show your personality – you don’t know how many people will be seen for each role, so make sure the casting director will remember you. Do the best you can!
  4. Listen to feedback If you’re offered direction, respond to it – they’re not telling you that your audition isn’t going well, they’re seeing how you deal with direction and trying to fit you in to their vision for the part.
  5. Enjoy it! There’s a certain buzz to auditions, so embrace the experience!

Don’t be disheartened if you didn’t get the part. As you may have heard many times before, sometimes you don’t fit the role.  It is all experience and you could face a hundred no’s before you get a yes.

Good luck!