Cat-alyst for Success

If you have been following me on social media then you will know I’m just a bit cat mad.

Before Molly and Rose there was Amber and Jasper.

Amber was a red colour point Persian and Jasper a black and white moggie. I got them both as a teenager and they traveled with me from Glasgow to High Wycombe then finally to Cardiff. Both of them were very affectionate.  Amber would eat anything and everything, if you could eat it then it was good enough for him. He also had this cute thing of meowing if you fake sneezed. Jasper was a very talkative and playful cat. Unfortunately when Amber passed away in his sleep Jasper was distraught and it was clear that he was missing his old friend.

So I decided to get him a new friend and so we got Molly.  So off to Caerphilly I went and got this tiny little Mainecoon Silver tabby cross kitten.  Who was so tiny she could fit in the water dish of the cat carrier.

Molly was and is a source of entertainment and cuteness overload.

She was a brilliant companion for Jasper and the two would spend a lot of time together.

However after a year Jasper became too ill to play as much and after a visit to the vet Jasper had to be reunited with his old friend Amber in the next life.

It was a few days after we lost Jasper that someone was looking for a home for their cat Primrose. She was finding it difficult in getting a home and it was decided that she would come join my household and would be renamed Rose.

Rose was terrified when she first arrived, she had been to the vets to be neutered (please do this especially if your cat is an outdoor cat.) and brought straight home.  She hid in my bathroom for the first 2 days, I was so worried as she wouldn’t eat or drink. But eventually she came out but if I or others went near her she would growl.

As she gained confidence she started to come out and Molly tried to reassure her new companion that everything was ok and she would like her new home.

Now the two are inseparable, spoiled rotten and so adorable.



So that is my girls and there are always updates and new photos of them on social media.

To learn more about having a cat neutered, you can find neutering information and details for the UK here, and for readers in the USA here.